I'm Kuisma Väänänen, an award-winning, Senior Creative with over 10 years of experience in brand building, design and (digital) marketing. Based in Helsinki, Finland.
In my work, I strive to create aesthetically beautiful designs and to generate insightful and bold ideas. I believe that, these elements can be combined in a way that build solid brands and brings results.
At the moment (2/2024), open for new projetcts. Get in touch!

Art Direction, Advertising, Concept design, Brand strategy, Brand positioning, Brand identity, Service design, UX, Content Design, Graphic design & Design

In order to best serve my clients' needs and ensure high-quality output, I generally operate on a day rate or flat project fee basis rather than hourly. Each project is unique, and the pricing reflects the scope and complexity of the work involved. I strive for transparency in my pricing structure, so you can be confident that the investment aligns with the value delivered.
Over the years, I have had the privilege to work with brands such as Helen, Tokmanni, DNA, VR, Finnair, Nelonen Media (Supla + Ruutu), Korkeasaari Zoo, Koskenkorva, ISS, Fazer Reissumies, Icepeak, Tummeli, Classic, Posti, Aku Ankka, Sisäministeriö, HC TPS, Suomen Partio, Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry, Suomen Asuntomessut, VVA ry, Vaasan seutu, and many others.

Awards & Recognitions
One Minute Briefs
2024: 6x wins
2023: 40x wins + 17x shortlisted (member since 03/23)

Mikkelin kuvitustriennale
2023: shortlisted + exhibition

2022: honorable mention at Vuoden aikakausilehtikampanja
2021: jury member
2020: 1st at vuoden aikakausilehtimainos

Grafia ry
2022: mentror programme, mentor
2021–2022: mentror programme, peer mentor
2021: grant programme, jury member
2019: grant (Creative Incubator)

Print&Media magazine cover competition
2021: honorable mention

Lahti Poster Triennial
2021: 2x shortlisted + exhibition

Vuoden Mainos
2021: shortlisted at the best execution category
2019: grand prix, 2x
gold & 2x shortlisted
2018: honorable mention at junior category & 2x shortlisted at the best execution category
MARK Suomen Markkinointiliitto's special mention, gold & shortlisted
2016: 2x shortlisted at print & radio categories
gold at print category
gold at direct marketing category

2020: 1st at music & jingle category

Young Lions Finland
2020: jury member
2017: film gold & print
2016: print bronze
2014: print honorable mention (best copy)

Creative Incubator Alumna
09/19: Berlin module
06/19: Barcelona module

2019: 1st at best launch category

Finnish Comms Awards
2019: 1st at pro bono category

Kuukauden aikakausilehtimainos
05/2019: 1st

Effie Finland
2019: bronze at products and services & shortlisted at business challenge category

2019: shortlisted at online video category

Future Face of Creativity
Starring in “Future Face of Creativity”, a document by Deloitte Digital and WIRED. The document brings the story of eight unique creators and the evolution of their craft to life with a short film filmed in Cannes June 2017. On top of that I was one of the six speakers in the panel discussion “Future of Creativity” held at the premiere of the document on 16 May 2018 in Soho House, New York.

Suomen Partiolaiset
2015: 1st at visual identity competition

2014: finalist chosen by the jury & 3rd at public voting

Vuoden Huiput
2013: presented in the year book at digital marketing category
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