Fake ads for real clients
In 2018, I started an Instagram account for my personal practice work. The idea was simple: to create fake advertising for real clients, just for fun. In addition to coming up with concepts and ideas, I have also been practicing drawing and, more recently, using AI to generate ideas and images as well.
On this page, I have highlighted some of my work. If you want to see more, please visit www.instagram.com/adswithlorem.
Team: Various friends and colleagues have helped me along the way
Year: 2018 >
Work samples
Brief: Create posters to advertise backpacks.
Brief: Create posters to advertise World Turtle Day.
Winner on One Minute briefs.

Brief: Create posters to advertise bubble gum.
Brief: Create poster to advertise travel size toiletries.
Brief: Create posters to advertise allotments.
Brief: Create posters to advertise demolition services.
Brief: Create posters to save the koalas.
An ad I made for Mercedes-Benz after the Ukraine war started. Co-creator Anssi Halkola.
Brief: Create t-shirt designs that bring to life Hunger Project UK's vision of a world without hunger.
Brief: Advertise The British Motor Show.
Brief: Advertise Abu Garcia's fishing gear. Co-creator @badslogans.
Brief: Create posters encouraging people to join Earth Hour.
Brief: On the International Day of Happiness, the task was to advertise anything that makes you happy. Since Finland was chosen as the world's happiest country for the sixth time in a row, I decided to make my entry about my home country.
Brief: Advertise Stella Artois. Co-creator Riku Jussila.
Brief: Create posters to advertise stopwatches.
Create posters to advertise Wake-up lights.

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