A bed without a home – a campaign to raise awareness of homelessness
No Fixed Abode (Vailla Vakinaista asuntoa ry) is a Finnish NGO with the aim of reducing homelessness and improving services for homeless people. In a welfare state like Finland, homelessness is often invisible – out of sight, out of mind. That's why we created a campaign to raise awareness and make homelessness visible by placing empty beds on benches and in parks throughout the nation's capital.

My role: Art Director / Concept design
Team: Akseli Kouvo, Kuisma Väänänen, Jani Leppänen, Anna Halvari, Saara Iivari & Henna Siitonen + photographer: Benjamin Ilmoni
Agency: 358
Year: 2021

Besides the social media buzz the campaign was covered by several different medias and the organization got
many new donators. For a tiny NGO with a zero media budget this result is a huge success!

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