#vaasalaisaloite – a campaign to raise awareness
City of Vaasa wanted to attract new residents to the area, but suffered from a lack of recognition, especially among urban youngsters. To tackle the issue, we targeted all the locations carrying the name of Vaasa, which are much more familiar to them.
We launched a citizen initiative #vaasalaisaloite, which calls for every Vaasankatu in the world to be more like Vaasa or to be renamed. Thousands of people in Vaasa signed the initiative in less than a week and shared it eagerly in social media.
The campaign grabbed the attention of whole Finland. It was covered in tabloids, morning radio shows, letters to the editors and even a television quiz show Have I Got News For You.

My role: Concept design
Team: Kuisma Väänänen, Anssi Halkola, Jenny Junelius & Hanna Nordgren
Agency: Ivalo Creative Agency
Year: 2019

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